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Blog: Getting Started - 2/14/2020

Round Two… I had posted a blog entry before but then I redid my website and aaaaaaa. Didn’t keep it. It’s whatever, it wasn’t really a post of any substance. I didn’t talk about anything. I guess I’m just gonna ramble about whatever here.

I’m stressed out and unmotivated to do literally anything lately. I keep forgetting to take my meds! Ugh! I know they help and yet I still constantly forget to take them! Stupid me.

At least I’ve had fun exploring Second Life. Been working up the courage to go to more social areas and talk to anyone there… not that anyone seems super keen on chatting, haha. Most people’s bios say “don’t even LOOK at me”. But, it’s worth a shot. Gotta beat that Social Anxiety.

I’ve found a love for building in Second Life, it’s like the sims but somehow even better with no grid placement and restrictions. The only downside really is prim limits and buying furniture. Most building stuff is pretty low price, though, and I can make my own textures.

Which, speaking of, I am still trying to make my own content for my currently empty marketplace store. But I’m annoying and constantly tweaking and never finishing anyway. I guess I’m just nervous about posting a lackluster product. I am only a few months old on SL and while I’ve been making textures and mesh stuff for years, it’s still intimating that I’m getting something wrong. I guess it’s comforting that I can at least take old products down or discount them, something I noticed other stores do. Not to mention all the dev kits and exclusive stuff, I want to present myself as good as possible to look reputable… but then again, I’m a total perfectionist with OCD and destructive anxiety.

Well. Someone’s gotta make the goth clothes for men, huh? It’s a barren wasteland out there. My friend has shown me some brands that make nice clothes for men but alot of it just isn’t my taste. I don’t like big muscle-y men or swanky rich men or urban gangster wear. Honestly my fave body type so far has been the Maitreya + VTech but by god, no one frigging makes anything for it!. I get away with some slightly awkward standard sizing shirts but nothing really fits quite right. I know most people just play female avatars but like, come on, there’s gotta be some men like me who want to dress nicer. Or want different avatars then muscle beefy man with angry brows.

I tried doing anime for a bit and I do enjoy that look but I’m pretty happy with how Riv Oneiric looks now. Now to just hunt and hoard any goth boy clothes...

Until next time<3